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How do you use videos for web marketing?

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Social media marketing is all about distributing frequent, relevant content that people want to share. But without making a full-time job of it, how can you take advantage of it? We can help by facilitating planning your campaigns, re-purposing your existing promotional material or create new videos, set up the technology, and write appropriate messages for the different kinds of online sites.

The challenge is maintaining a strategic flow of original information about multiple products across several online sites over long periods of time. Many services (including ours) can get your campaigns and web site looking great, but knowing when and where to publish your information and being able to adapt to changing priorities is critical to your success. This is what we specialize in; smart dynamic automatic scheduling and posting.

  • What to post where and when
  • How to promote your videos and maximize your content
  • Not looking like spam


#1 – Start with Your Videos

Media Productions
So you have the best product in the world and your promotional content is ready to be consumed by the masses. What? You don’t have videos yet? There are a number of quick and affordable way to create videos from your pictures, PowerPoint presentations, and smart phone videos. Need a full service video producer? Got you covered there too. Give us a call: (812) 269-1045

Here are some quick ways we can help you affordable generate some videos.

  • Videos from your images, text, and audio
  • Convert your existing promotional material and PowerPoint presentations
  • Have us edit your Smart Phone videos


#2 – Set up your technology and sites

Technology Setup
You don’t need to have your own IT department to get started in social media marketing. But you do need some basics.

  • A domain name such as your company or campaign name
  • An email address attached to your domain
  • Web hosting and other service provider accounts

You will also need a few social media sites to post to.

  • Video sites like YouTube and Vimeo
  • Status sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Email list services like ConstantContact and MailChimp

It sounds like a lot and I suppose it is. But once everything is set up it’s not so bad. The important thing is to own all your own sites, not have your accounts controlled by a contractor. We set things up for you and make sure you have all the information you need. Our goal is to help you only as long as you need us, not lock you into a long contract or have to you pay for changes you want to be able to make yourself.


You’ve written down all the great talking-points about each video and… What? Still trying to figure out what to say about your videos? That’s alright because there is help for that too.

#3 – Write Messages about Your Videos

Keyword Phrase ResearchVideos and articles make up the content for your campaign. Then messages are posted to status sites like Facebook and twitter about each video. So if a product has a series of 10 videos with each video having 15 messages that needs to be distributed to 5 different sites over several months, that’s 10 times 15 times 5 or 750 posts! Don’t freak out, there are a number of simple tools to help you automate a lot of the process.

Advertise Everywhere Strategy

Use an Advertise Everywhere Strategy


Well, maybe not everywhere. Most people need to focus on only a couple of social sites. But what if you could triple how many places you publish to without a lot of additional effort? Planning is critical. Write a different version of your message for each site. It’s not as bad as it sounds if you do it all at once so you can compare messages for the different sites.

Your Social Compass

Scheduling your Campaigns

Social Media Scheduling Days
Pro Video Web Marketing specializes in answering this question: How do I not look like spam? This is hard when distributing frequent content. Our proprietary scheduling software cross-checks all the criteria of your campaigns, videos, hashtags, and sites to determine the best time to post your messages. If priorities change a new schedule can be recomputed on-the-fly.

Smart Dynamic Automatic Scheduling

  • Prioritize messages so that different videos and campaigns get promoted in rotation allowing for changing timing criteria.
  • Coordinate “spinning” of content and posts to quickly create new, fresh looking campaigns.
  • Post messages automatically or export to other publishing software.

There are a ton of publishing tools available, what makes us different is that we coordinate between all your videos, campaigns, spins, and sites to follow a company wide strategy. Why is this so hard? Consider the following.

Problem to Solve

  • Say multiple campaigns are sharing a single Facebook page. One campaign falls behind and now you need to catch up by posting more frequently. But you only post three times a day to your page regardless of campaigns. You need to re-prioritize posts for one campaign without having the other campaigns also fall behind?
  • A campaign is posting to multiple related sites about a single subject, say real estate. A realtor might see posts from two or more of these sites at the same time, so you want to spread out posts about the same video even when posting to different sites.
  • You’re posting often to a high priority campaign, but some big news event just happened and you want to re-prioritize all campaigns that use the hot trending hashtags and keywords. As the situation unfolds, you want different videos to be emphasized or a specific site to be posted to more often. Once things return to normal you need to again switch to campaign priority and then catch-up on neglected posts, all without spamming.

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It’s not just about search engines like Google anymore. There are dozens of high traffic social networking sites, so the objective is to place your brand in every relevant position imaginable. We can help!

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