Video Production

Full Service Video Productions

Full Service Video Productions

Sure, you could use your smart phone to get basic video, and used properly it is a great way to generate contact. But the video on your home page is often a prospects first impression and it better look good because it represents your business. Videos used for social media marketing don’t all have to be high-end productions and below are some options for quickly getting a professional look from less than professional content. But when you need a promotional video there is no substitute for having an experienced videographer at your location. Already have professionally produced video? Then post-production services can help you turn existing content into dozens of short “magnet” videos to attract customers to your site. Give us a call for a free consultation or visit our sister site for more information.
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Have Your Content Edited for You

Professional video productions can get expensive fast. I know because I am a professional videographer. But usually, for most applications, a smaller quicker video will serve the need. The most affordable way to get your message on the Internet is to record your message on your own video camera or audio device (even cell phone) and send it to me for editing. Or I can edit your graphics, pictures, and text to your audio narrative. If you already have promotional material like PowerPoint presentations, pamphlets, and websites already produced, I can re-purpose this material as the core of your online video marketing campaign.

Post-Production Services

  • You own the copyright to all videos
  • Fast turn-around time
  • Free quotes for your projects.
  • 20% discount when ordering five or more videos.

Videos from your images, text, and audio

Get an Effective Video

By editing pictures, graphics, and text that you provide to an audio narrative, simple but effective videos can be affordably created. The audio can be something you record or just music. With the right script and visuals a very effective video can be quickly created. Check out the example below used for a real estate campaign in the Denver, Colorado.

Example video produced from images, etc.

Turn Your Layered Graphic Art into Animated Videos

Animate Your Logo for a More Professional Looking

Simple videos might use still pictures and text, but adding motion to your logo and layered graphics can significantly increase the professional look of your videos. Since logos are included in every video, it is a cost effective way to attract attention to your brand. If you have your company logo or other graphics already in a design format with layers (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), I can add some motion to your videos.

Video about Animated Logos

Produce Five Quick Videos from Existing Video(s)/DVD

If you already have a longer video or DVD that you want to re-purpose for an online campaign, I can review and excerpt up to five shorter magnet videos complete with a title screen and call-to-action. A magnet video is simply a video on the Internet designed to attract prospects. They do not have to be as fancy as the home page video and are general short (1-2 minutes), single talking point videos with a call-to-action to visit your campaigns home page.I will take your DVD, online video, or other videos and create five independent videos at once. Or you can outline five talking points and then simply narrate your messages onto your video camera or smartphone and I will edit. Even a Power-Point presentation can be turned into videos for a sustained social media marketing campaign.