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Gears of TechnologyDon’t know what a domain name or hosting is? Need to know why you need a blog/website? Have a Facebook account but not sure how to use it? These are all important questions and you probably don’t want to get a degree in IT to figure them out. We can get your technology and websites up and running and show you just what you need to know to promote your business.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand all of the technology, that’s what we’re here for! The important part is that you will own and be able to control everything and just hire us to manage it all.

Here’s what you need to get started.

  • A domain name and email via your domain
  • A blog/website and web hosting
  • A video site like YouTube, status site like Facebook, and email manager service

Configure Your Domain, Hosting, and Email

What You Need to Know

IT USBDomain Name – Your domain name is the web address you advertise. It sends people to your website, Facebook page, or any other location you want. Using your domain name instead of advertising a social media site like a Facebook page directly allows you to change your home page location while keeping the same web address. For the same reason you want your email address to be via your domain name (e.g. sales@YourCompanyName.com) and then forwarded (johnsmith@gmail.com).

Domain Registrant – Your domain name is one of the most important assets you own. The domain registrant is the company who for $10 to $35 a year registers your domain name on the Internet. Service providers like GoDaddy and HostGator provide multiple services including domain registrant. The really import part is to own your domain registrant account. Some contractors will sell you a domain name and use their own domain registrant account, which means if something happens to the contractor you loose your domain and all the work you did to promote it!

Web Hosting – The pictures, text, and other information that makes up your website needs to reside somewhere on the World Wide Web and providers like HostGator and GoDaddy “rent” you space on their equipment for a small monthly fee. A contractor might use their own hosting for your files, which is fine, but make sure you get a backup copy of your website. Our recommendation is to have your own hosting account which the contract then accesses.

Install WordPress Blog and Website

Your Repository

Your blog is your website and the repository of all your information. We recommend a WordPress blog which can be automatically posted to and easily edited without having to pay for and wait on a contractor (unless you want). We’ll set it up for you with the information you provide and you will own everything! You can post information yourself or use our social media marketing services.

The Basic Social Site Setup
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and MailChimp

Social Media Sites

There are many different kinds of social media sites. Each site attracts a certain type of person, understanding this can help with your niche marketing. So which sites do you need? Well, it depends. At the least you will need a place to put your videos. YouTube is the obvious choice, but there are other sites like Vimeo and Viddler. Then there are the status sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, where you talk about your videos. You also want to management emails with a service such as ConstantContact and MailChimp. You don’t necessarily need all of them, but the more sites you upload relevant information to the better.

Taking Care of the Details

The details of all the technology might be more than you want to know. We are here to help as long as you need us, but no longer. All accounts belong to you so you can take over any time you like. We’ll set up what you need all bundled up into one package to get you started with social media marketing.

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